Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get in touch with B2B MPS?

Click on the contact us button and fill in brief details and submit. A B2B consultant will quickly get back to you.

I don’t have a requirement for the Fax function, do I have a choice?

Yes, of course, our equipment can be configured to your specific requirements.

If our business requires extra functionality in the future, will we need to change our equipment?

No, Samsung/HP equipment is futureproofed and fully integrates with 3rd party software.

Will all this additional functionality mean that my print costs will increase?

No, we guarantee print cost savings of up to 40%. You will now be able to continually monitor your print costs.

What do I do if we run out of Toner?

You won’t. You will receive a warning that you are running low and we will deliver original branded replacements to you the following day.

We would like to reduce our colour print volumes.

No problem. We can configure your device to implement your print policies.

In the event of the equipment breaking down, what level of service can we expect?

We have a guaranteed four-hour response time.

How do we pay for this service?

Based on our initial audit our consultant will work with you to determine your lowest cost option. The agreed option may include the combination of equipment Lease or outright purchase with a usage based cost per copy. All options will be discussed with you in an open and transparent manner.


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